Questions to consider when choosing your Implant Surgeon:


Are they Board Certified Dental Specialist?

Dr. Elisha attended UCLA school of Dentistry DDS program and Specialty training in Implant Dentistry and Periodontics.


What Schools they attended and what is their California Board Standings?

Dr. Elisha completed all his Dental and Specialty training at UCLA school of Dentistry and has excellent California Board Standing for 26 years.

Do they give you a complete estimate that includes all cost of the implants & periodontal treatments?

Our office provides a ONE COST: NO SURPRISES estimates to all our patients prior to start of treatment.

Our experienced staff will help you obtain your dental insurance benefits towards your treatment.

What type of dental implants do they place?

Our offices only places PREMIER BRAND NAME FDA approved dental implants with over 30 years of research results on their success and longevity.

What do patient think of their experience and level of care?

With over 13000 dental implant procedures over the past 26 years. Dr. Elisha has hundred of happy patients with successfu