A periodontist is a specialized dentist that prevents, diagnosis and treats periodontal disease and performs a wide range of dental implants with different purposes. The area of focus periodontists have are the tooth-supporting tissues and the medical complications that could arise in that specific area. It is common to refer complex dental cases to a periodontist due to the additional training and extensive special expertise they possess in that field.

A wide range of treatments are offered to treat the diverse dental cases periodontist encounter, including Scaling and root planing, single & multiple tooth replacement, dental soft tissue grafting, dentures & partial dentures, crown lengthening, etc.

When Do I Need to See


If you still debating whether or not to see a periodontist, take a look at the list below. Seeing a periodontist is the best way to evaluate your condition and your overall oral health.

You need to see a periodontist if:

  • You have red, swollen or bleeding gums.
  • You are suffering from chronic bad breath or an unpleasant taste in your mouth.
  • Your gums are receding.
  • Your teeth’s alignment is getting out of their normal state or feel loose.
  • There are changes in your bite pattern.
  • There is the pain while eating (usually caused by bacteria).
  • Teeth become more exposed and your roots are sensitive to extreme temperatures.
  • You have a family history of gum disease.
  • You smoke or smoked in the past.
  • You suffer from Diabetes.
  • You have never seen a periodontist before.

Deciding to schedule a consultation with a periodontist despite not presenting all of the conditions described above always helps as a preventive measure.

How does a Periodontist Appointment Work?

Periodontist appointments are just like any other dental visit. At Socal Dental Implant & Aesthetic center, Our Periodontist, Dr. Jacob Elisha, will examine your entire condition based on your personal situation in order to personalize your treatment options.

You may need some x-rays during your first consultation. The most current medical information is crucial before making any decisions; that is why Dr. Elisha will check the records and x-rays before performing a routine check of your mouth, jaw, and gums. Diabetes, Heart problems, pregnancy, and some other conditions will be parameters used to decide on the best treatment available.

The entire process will be performed as gently as possible, little or no discomfort is expected during the initial exams. Not everyone needs periodontal surgery if the disease is treated early. Gum disease can be controlled most of the times without any kind of surgery.

A wide range of payment methods are offered. We also offer many alternatives as we accept several insurance companies. Our office team will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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